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You know that being healthy affect our performance at work. If we are sick, we won’t be able to do our job well. Meanwhile if you are in a good condition, you will be able to do your job effectively. No matter where you are working, health is the main factor for your working performance. Unfortunately, there is a tendency of inequalities of healthy working service.
You can read an article about inequalities in health a social work issue at This site provides many health work articles that you can read to enhance your knowledge about healthy work. For the inequalities in health a social work issue, they focus on health inequalities as a key issue for social work. It should get more attention from social workers since it is serious issue that will affect people’s welfare. You know that social workers work for the sake of other people. Thus, when they don’t get the physical health, they won’t be able to maximally help the people in need.
There is some studies conducted dealing with the health problems among the social workers. Most of them show that the problematic health issues around the social working area may also addressed to the social workers. Just read the full article of inequalities in health a social work issue at this site now.

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