Dragonara.net will undertake all problems concerning protection

A great number of businessmen are proud of their business skills and believe that business prosperity is purely the evidence of their business qualities. And otherwise they consider that all obstacles on their way to prosperity appear because of external factors. For those businessmen, who use web sites as business tool ddos attack may be such an external factor.
There are multiple means due to which attackers can completely paralyze website operation, and these means are upgraded constantly. Today there are many kinds of ddos attacks and often such variety doesn’t allow system administrators to recognize the attack that has already begun and take all necessary actions concerning its repulse. In this context it is advantageous to use services of dedicated server because among personnel of the company that provides dedicated hosting always are computer security specialists, and those specialists are familiar with all kinds of threats existing today. This is why growing number of people prefer server rent to own server maintenance and use services of dedicated servers.

If you choose company which provides dedicated servers or collocation services, ask about guarantees the company provides concerning accessibility of your server. Dragonara.net company is ready to guarantee its clients 99,9% accessibility. Why does this company allow making such positive statement? First of all because its dedicated servers are located in Switzerland – one of the most developed countries in the world. This provides guarantee for high-level physical security of servers. And due to its invaluable knowledge, personnel staff of Dragonara.net provides its clients with high-level informational security. Specialists of the company have analyzed all aspects of ddos attacks and
ddos protection problems and developed unique system of protection measures, which includes usage of specified software and today company’s staff consider that it have left virtual terrorists behind. Practical experience of Dragonara.net specialists allows them to meet the threats which are too complicated for on-site programmers of many companies and stop ddos attack of any strength.

Dragonara.net is able to provide twenty-four-hour uninterrupted operation of any of its dedicated servers and no ddos attack can disturb normal course of its clients’ business.

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