The history of electronic commerce development. Perfect Money’s role here

History of e-commerce has only about two decades of intensive development, what seems to be minor in comparing with the history of other sectors of the economy. Of course, if one correlates it with age of Perfect Money, it turns out quite a large period of time. First systems and methods of electronic commerce would not be created without appearance of technologies automating the sale of airline tickets, banking operations, plastic cards, and automated systems for enterprise resource management.
The beginning of the money transfer ra can be considered 1960, when the companies American Airlines and IBM have begun to create a system of automated procedures for booking tickets to flights - SABRE (Semi-Automatic Business Research Environment - equipment for commercial researches). This was the first experience of creating e-commerce system. The SABRE system has made air travel more accessible to common citizens, helping them to orient themselves in fares and flights, whose number has been constantly growing. By automating the process of tariff calculation in the reservation of seats costs of services decreased. This system could carry out integrated management of profitability, allowing airlines to maximize profits via price manipulations of vacant seats. In 1964, the system could reserve seats for 26 thousand passengers in a day. American Airlines terminals, SABRE connected by telephone lines, were more than in fifty cities.
Starting from 1965 to 1995, e-commerce has continued to grow and develop; it has been entered into new industries and has received an increasing influence on world financial market.
In 1996 American businessman Bill Gross founded the first Internet incubator «Idealab». In order to develop his ideas and to provide «Idealab» with new technology Gross invited a group of fifteen programmers. Currently, the market value of the company is 220 million dollars; the staff is nearly five hundred people, while at the same time about fifty projects have been developing. In 1997 one of Bill Gross’ projects became Overture, which provides services for placing links and advertising units in the search results. In five years, the market capitalization of the company amounted more than 1,2 billion U.S. Overture serves such portals as Yahoo, Cnet, Lycos, MSN, Altavista.
Of course, the existence of such systems can not be without the use of send money online. Certainly, Perfect Money appeared only in 2006, but it will be able in the nearest future become a mechanism for financial turnover in Internet. Of course, it is necessary to make appropriate efforts.
This thought can be proved by the fact that from early 2004 22 million people started to use online banking. This figure increased by 29% over the previous year. Wells Fargo (USA) via the Internet serves to 4.2 million people, Swedbank (Sweden) - 1.5 million, Nordia (Finland) - 1.2 million, First direct (UK) - more than 1 million, ING Direct (the Netherlands) in entering the UK market during 6 months gained 250 thousand of new customers.
In 2004 the total income of the world's largest Internet store Amazon was 6.92 billion. And profit for 2004 amounted to 588 million.
In July 2005 Google has summed up the financial results of the second quarter of 2005. The company managed to achieve significant income growth - during the reporting period, it was 1,384 billion dollars. Net profit of the company, on the basis of the second quarter amounted to 343 million dollars (in 4,3 times more than 79 million profit from a year earlier). This was the result of well-market policies of search-based advertising.
Even such a brief statement reflects the dynamism and scale of events that lead to a radical overhaul of the existing forms of social production, distribution and consumption. And not the last roles in this development play payment systems, such as Perfect Money

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