Protect your eyes from UV

As a active person, maybe we are often out of the house, with not a sunglasses. Do you know, wearing a sunglasses, can make us avoid the attack of blindness ! . I'm sure. Because in addition to the cool, wearing glasses can also decrease the power of eye.

What will happen, if the rays are constant eye on us? Certainly, the eyes will decrease the function of vision gradually may not even cause blindness.

Therefore, to prevent that happens to us, since now, try to wearing a polarized sunglasses when you outgoing. Or when you play a golf, maybe Sporty sunglasses is suitable for you. So, if you have more money to buy some sunglasses, i recommended to buy from here. Why i recommended to you ? because the model, is very good for a active person like you

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3 Responses to " Protect your eyes from UV "

  1. so true . we have to protect our eyes from sunshine

  2. i like fashionable sunglasses. Thanks for sharing

  3. sdh pasti pake kok... silau kalo ga pake, bisa pusing kepala


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